Sandra Bullock “Cold Feet” Over Marrying Bryan Randall Story NOT True

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Sandra Bullock marrying Bryan Randall

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Sandra Bullock marrying Bryan Randall

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Sandra Bullock is not getting “cold feet” over marrying her boyfriend Bryan Randall, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk this claim. We’re told it is not true.

According to the repeatedly disproven National Enquirer, though Bullock and Randall “had discussed tying the knot later this year,” Bullock has “put everything on hold over fears that Bryan… may turn out to be like her cheating ex-husband Jesse James.” A so-called Bullock “pal” tells the tabloid, “Sandy’s having terrible flashbacks to the way Jesse cheated on her… She can’t help but compare Bryan to Jesse.” “They’re similar in their looks, their temperaments, even their smiles,” adds the magazine’s dubious source in unnatural and seemingly pointed language.

After filling its space about how Bullock’s marriage to James imploded after discovering he was unfaithful, the supermarket tabloid has its specious “source” say without any proof, “Sandra’s whole life is built around her kids, and it’s dawned on her that she’s considering marrying a man she doesn’t really know that well.” The same ill-informed source continues, “Large areas of Bryan’s life are still a mystery to her. He hates to talk about himself, and Sandy’s concerned he might be hiding secrets.”

For seasoned reporters like us at Gossip Cop, a few things pop out. First, a real source wouldn’t refer to Bullock in one sentence as “Sandra” and then later as “Sandy.” Additionally, the magazine’s quotes from its alleged “source” about Randall being a “mystery” come off as if the publication knows nothing about Bullock’s boyfriend, and is covering its ignorance with claims about how “he hates to talk about himself.” In any event, Gossip Cop investigated, and we’re told “there’s no wedding” for which Bullock could even have “cold feet.” An impeccable source assures us the actress and Randall have “never had any wedding plans.”

Gossip Cop is not surprised by the falsity of this latest Enquirer report. We have corrected the tabloid on numerous occasions, including a story last fall that wrongly claimed Bullock was supposedly driving Randall away with prenup demands. Gossip Cop noted even back then that the couple had no plans to marry.

And there have been a slew of other tall tales by the publication that have made clear the magazine publishes fiction, while Gossip Cop offers facts. Among the wrong reports Gossip Cop has busted are that Bullock was allegedly being set up with Tom Cruise, and that she was helping Renee Zellweger adopt a baby. Precisely how we stated those articles were untrue, so is the latest about Bullock having second thoughts about marrying Randall.

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