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Did Sandra Bullock adopt another baby? That was a claim made exactly one year ago today. At the time, both Gossip Cop and her rep said it was false, and now 12 months later it's clear the actress does not have a third child.

On April 10, 2018, OK! contended Bullock was "aching to adopt again." An alleged source was even quoted saying how her longtime boyfriend, Bryan Randall, was keeping Bullock's "spirits up throughout the adoption process." It was also noted how he couple was jointly bringing up the actress' two other adopted children, Louis and Laila.

The tabloid then ventured off into untrue territory speculating that Randall and Bullock "tied the knot" in what it termed an "intimate ceremony." That too was 100 percent incorrect. Despite rumors, the couple has not wed.

It's because of articles like that one why on occasion Gossip Cop looks back at stories from the year before. A full 365 days have now passed, and Bullock did not adopt a third child. Nor did she marry Randall.

Of course, neither of those scenarios are beyond the realm of possibility. Perhaps that's why the tabloid ran the report, but magazines are not supposed to publish speculation, rumors, or guesses. They need to print the truth after it's been fact-checked, which is what Gossip Cop did then and continues to do every day.

A byproduct of looking back at a story from the year before also allows us to not only easily prove to our readers that our sources are solid and reliable, but also it give us an opportunity to examine OK!'s track record with Bullock since that phony report came out. The short answer is not great. In fact, in the first few months of 2019 alone, the magazine has published a number of inaccurate articles about the Oscar-winner.

Just a little more than a week ago, Gossip Cop busted the same magazine for untruthfully maintaining Bullock and Randall recently had a secret wedding on her Wyoming ranch. Once again, her spokesperson denied it, and no legitimate outlets corroborated the claim. Not mentioned in that tale was how the same publication wrongly asserted two months before that Bullock was dumping Randall for Keanu Reeves, her Speed and The Lake House co-star.

Additionally, the outlet ran a cover story this year that claimed Bullock was pregnant at 54 with a "miracle baby." Once again, it hid behind an anonymous and possibly made-up "source." Conversely, Gossip Cop was assured on the record by Bullock's own rep that the premise was a lie.

We're not saying one should never believe that publication. However, readers should be skeptical of its tales about Bullock getting married or expanding her family. Hopefully, the tabloid will eventually get rid of its untrustworthy Bullock sources, as well as adopt better reporting practices.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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