Sandra Bullock Adopted Baby Girl Last Year?

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Sandra Bullock Adopt

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Sandra Bullock Adopt

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Sandra Bullock did not adopt a third child, despite a report last year that maintained she was adding another little girl to her family. Gossip Cop corrected the claim one year ago, and it’s even clearer now that a particular tabloid’s cover story was nothing than fiction. Additionally, Bullock and her photographer boyfriend Bryan Randall didn’t get married in the past 12 months, which the article also falsely alleged.

On October 4, 2017, OK! published a report that exclaimed on its front cover, “A baby for Sandra!” It also asserted on its front page the Oscar-winner was having “another girl & a wedding” after Randall “convinced her to marry again.” To make its story seem more believable, the magazine quoted what it dubbed was a “source,” who contended Bullock was “finalizing the paperwork” for the adoption and bringing “the little girl home before the holidays.” Of course, Christmas 2017 and New Year’s 2018 have long passed and Bullock has not added to her family, which includes 8-year-old son Louis and 6-year-old daughter Laila.

In the same bogus article, the publication swore Randall and the actress would marry in a budget wedding at her Wyoming home in Spring 2018. And following the supposed ceremony, claimed the tabloid, Bullock was going to surprise Randall and present him with papers to formally adopt Laila and Louis as well. The magazine noted Bullock was going to make the gesture because she “trusts him.” Well, she does trust the photographer, but as Gossip Cop noted 365 days ago, OK! cannot necessarily be trusted with its reporting about Bullock.

Two months after that cover story, Gossip Cop again busted the magazine when it shifted narratives a bit and claimed Bullock and Randall had just gotten engaged and were planning a destination wedding. As our reporting uncovered, and her rep confirmed, it was all untrue. We then corrected the tabloid three months later in April when it once more wrongly asserted Bullock was adopting a third child. Again, her spokesperson said it was entirely inaccurate.

While it’s conceivable the photographer and actress may one day marry and add to their brood, the publication’s cover story about Bullock adopting “another baby” and having a “wedding” with Randall was untrue one year ago and it remains wrong up until this day. The reason Gossip Cop occasionally revisits stories on their anniversaries is not to pat ourselves on the back. It’s really to show readers how phony premises crumble over time and can be shown to be provably false.


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