Samuel L. Jackson Reads Facebook Rants On “Tonight Show,” Blames Jimmy Fallon For Twitter – WATCH VIDEO

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Samuel L Jackson Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Samuel L Jackson Jimmy Fallon Video


Samuel L. Jackson hilariously read Facebook rants on Friday’s “Tonight Show,” during which he also blamed Jimmy Fallon for making him join Twitter. Check out the video below!

The amusing Facebook segment featured the actor and host taking turns acting out rants that real people actually posted on the social media site. Jackson’s first monologue was about the Girl Scouts, and it was quite funny to see him exclaim, “If you don’t have a sash, you don’t get my cash!” Subsequent rant topics included Pop Tarts and Walgreens.

Jackson even got to use one of his favorite words, “motherf*cker,” though it was of course bleeped. And the curse came up more than once during his appearance on the late-night show. As the two discussed the new movie Kong: Skull Island, Fallon brought up an expletive-laden tweet and Facebook post Jackson made about the infamous gorilla.

The star then told him, “Part of that’s your fault, because I didn’t even have a Twitter account until I came on the show one time, and you said, ‘You have to have a Twitter account.’ And my first tweet was from here. It was similar, which started my multiple spellings of ‘motherf*cker’ online.”

In fact, Jackson confessed his first tweet asked, “Can a motherf*cker say say f*ck on here?” Fallon joked, “That was a legendary tweet. Changed the Twitterverse forever.” Watch below!

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