Sam Smith Record Label Wants His Heart Broken For Successful Album?!

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Sam Smith Heartbroken Album

By Shari Weiss |

Sam Smith Heartbroken Album

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Does Sam Smith’s record label actually want him to get his heart broken just so he can have a successful album? That’s the outrageous claim coming from this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the report.

The National Enquirer is exclaiming in its current edition, “Sam Smith Needs His Heart Broken!” The accompanying article contends, “Newly skinny ‘Stay With Me’ singer Sam Smith has been caught gleefully kissing cute boys, but now his record label is worried a happy Sam won’t deliver the hits!” A so-called “snitch” is quoted as saying, “All of Sam’s great songs came from a place of pain. He was a miserable chubby gay kid who didn’t fit in. Now that he is skinny and fabulous and out and proud, things are different.”

“They have concerns that upbeat music from Sam will not connect,” continues this supposed snitch, adding, “Folks are joking they need to get this kid donuts and junk food — quickly!” Joke or not, it isn’t very funny. And now that you know all that the supermarket tabloid’s story contains, let’s look at what it doesn’t. The gossip magazine doesn’t give the name of Smith’s record label, which is Capitol. There’s no mention that his second album, The Thrill Of It All, is coming out early next month. And nothing is said about the lead single, “Too Good At Goodbyes.”

Smith may be in a different place in his personal life right now, but he’s as melancholy as ever on that track, which went to number one on the UK Singles Chart and hit number five on the Billboard Hot 100. And while fans have yet to hear the performer’s sophomore album in its entirety, the full track list with writer and producer credits is already out. In other words, the record is locked down, so no one at his label is expecting him to suddenly change the music.

Regardless, the notion that Smith can’t put out sad songs professionally simply because he’s happy personally is ridiculous. Adele was in a serious relationship and mothering a son when she put out the Grammy-winning 25, which was filled with heartbreaking songs. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are able to still sell singles about relationship woes despite being happily married for more than 20 years. One doesn’t need to be feeling a certain emotion at a given time in order to draw inspiration from it. And being heartbroken doesn’t guarantee success.

If Gossip Cop had to guess, we’d say the only reason the outlet is peddling this narrative is because Smith was seen kissing actor Brandon Flynn earlier this month. It’s as if the British star being in a relationship suddenly sparked the (absurd) idea that his new album could flop. But Gossip Cop is told by a source, who spoke on a condition of anonymity, that Smith’s record label is confident in him and in his music. “Of course we want him to be happy and healthy,” added our insider.

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