Salma Hayek “The View” Video: Donald Trump “Thinks He’s Smart Because He Doesn’t Pay Taxes” – WATCH

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Salma Hayek The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Salma Hayek The View Video


Salma Hayek slammed Donald Trump over taxes and immigrants on “The View” on Friday. Watch below.

Hayek was on the ABC talk show to promote her new movie, How To Be A Latin Lover, with co-star Eugenio Derbez. The longtime friends first met when they starred on the same Spanish television network, and now this is the first time they’ve worked on a film together. And in addition to having the project in common, they also both share critical views of the president.

Derbez, who is from Mexico, said of Trump and his border wall plans, “I respect him because I’m a comedian. I know how to make people laugh. But he’s even better than me.” He went on, “And this joke about the wall is a great joke. It’s a great thing for Mexicans. Let me tell you why: I’m sorry, but you guys are going to pay for the wall, because we don’t have any money. And then second, who’s gonna build the wall? Mexican workers!”

That led Behar to crack, “So when Trump says he’s a jobs creator, he’s talking about the Mexicans!” Amid all the laughter, though, Hayek was very serious. She commented, “Right now, he doesn’t want to show his taxes. And I do want to say a lot of the illegal immigrants that he so criticized pay taxes because the IRS said to them, ‘pay me your taxes and I will not let anyone know that you’re here so long as you give me money.'”

“And these people, who are being exploited, are only getting half the minimum age with the hope and also with the [wish] to show they want to contribute to the country, [but] pay their taxes with half the minimum wage,” the actress continued. She went on, “They pay their taxes. Mr. Trump thinks he’s smart because he doesn’t pay his taxes.” Watch below.

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