Salma Hayek, Jimmy Fallon Slurp Noodles In “Ramen Challenge” On “Tonight Show”

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Salma Hayek Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Salma Hayek Jimmy Fallon Video


Salma Hayek and Jimmy Fallon raced to slurp noodles the fastest in a “Ramen Challenge” on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch the funny video below!

Hayek was on the late-night program to promote her latest movie, How To Be A Latin Lover. But the actress wasn’t all-business and was actually up for quite a few hijinks. That included competing against Fallon to see who could eat three four-foot-long ramen noodles and down three shots of sake first.

The movie star was fairly intimidated by the challenge at hand, and confused Fallon by seemingly mixing up “slurping” and “soaking.” With the end of the noodles wrapped around chop sticks, a worried Hayek exclaimed, “I don’t understand the stick part!” She even accused Fallon of practicing at home. At this point, the host just wanted to get the task overwith.

Gossip Cop won’t spoil who won, but the loser had to lead an invisible marching band out of the studio. And that’s not all Hayek got up to during her appearance on the show. She also demonstrated to Fallon how she takes sad ballads and turns them into salsa songs. The actress left her seat to dance as she sang “All By Myself,” explaining, “It’s my body that turns it into a salsa.”

Hayek also amusingly shared a story about wrongly suspecting her husband was cheating. Check out the videos below!

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