Salma Hayek Tried Fooling Husband Into Thinking She Was Having Affair (VIDEO)

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Salma Hayek Graham Norton Show

By Andrew Shuster |

(Graham Norton Show)

Salma Hayek appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” during which she explained why she once tried to fool her husband into believing she was having an affair. Watch the video below!

The actress revealed that she has a hobby of rescuing animals, but promised her husband that she would stop because they already have “ten dogs, five parrots, alpacas, horses, cats,” and more. “They always find me, these animals,” Hayek noted. “They come to me, which he doesn’t believe, but I promised him no more. We were up to 30 animals. I swore no more.”

But Hayek admitted she had a change of heart while filming a movie in Bulgaria, where she discovered “a little puppy who was abandoned and was going to die.” The actress added, “I took him and then I was terrified how to explain this to my husband.”

Hayek then explained that she “came up with this brilliant idea to pretend I was having an affair.” Her thinking behind the ruse was that if she initially tricked her spouse into believing she was cheating, “he would feel better that I picked up a dog and wasn’t having an affair.”

The actress then recalled how she called up her husband pretending to be in great distress, telling him, “I feel so terrible. I don’t know how to say this to you… Please have mercy on me.” Hayek further said to him, “I was so lonely here for so many days, and you know, you do crazy things when you’re in this state.” But Hayek’s plan backfired when her husband immediately shot back, “Oh please don’t tell me you picked up another dog!” Watch a highlight from Hayek’s “Graham Norton Show” interview below!


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