Saint West: Internet Reacts To Name Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Baby Boy

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Saint West Name Internet Reacts

By Michael Lewittes |

Saint West Name Internet Reacts

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Saint West is the name that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West chose after several days of deliberation, but within seconds of announcing the baby boy’s moniker, the Internet reacted with a variety of responses. As Gossip Cop reported, Kardashian gave birth to the couple’s second child on Saturday, but it wasn’t until Monday that they shared that their little boy’s name is “Saint.”

There have been reports that the reality star and rapper might give their son the more mainstream middle name of Robert, in honor of Kardashian’s late father, but that has yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, see what people with spare time about Kardashian and West naming their baby boy Saint West.

A Twitter user with the name ‏@maddiearmour wrote, “‘Saint West’ lmaoooooo you are kidding,” while ‏@zeuphoric tweeted, “North West, Saint West….what’s up with this family and giving baby names.” “saint west? something is really wrong with these people, lmao,” added a user with the handle @Mrs2Santos.

Meanwhile, Twitterer ‏@MAYAFIELDER expressed, “saint west is the hottest name ever, kim is a baby genius.” And @TheCatWhisprer noted, “I’m not making a Saint West joke, it’s what they want.” And @rgay was also cool with the name, offering, “I like the name Saint West.”

Some Twitter users noted that Pete Wentz had recently named his son Saint. @alli_eilene wrote, “Saint West VS Saint Wentz- celebrity baby fight. Only one can remain.”And ‏@eventideiero stated, “‘saint west’ *fall out boy stans look in the camera like they’re on the office*”

@josephine_janet said, “from now on instead of saying Jesus Christ when people do dumb stuff I’m going to say Saint West.” “Saint West. I’m calling my kid God just to one-up Kanye,” wrote a user named @ebbp. Similarly, @RockNShnocks tweeted, “Saint West, son of Yeezus Christ.”

Even Selma Blair got in on the name game, tweeting in reference to her own son, “Arthur Saint wishes Saint West a very happy birthday.” Trevor Noah cracked, “What a day- Kanye and Kim share their baby name, LeBron signs biggest sports deal in history and Jon Stewart comes back to the Daily Show.” And Brad Paisely commented, “Kanye named his kid Saint. No pressure kid.” Tell Gossip Cop: What do you think of the name Saint West?


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