Sacha Baron Cohen On ‘Howard Stern’: Donald Trump Might Sue Me For Giving Him HIV In New Movie

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Sacha Baron Cohen Howard Stern 2016 Interview

By Andrew Shuster |

Sacha Baron Cohen Howard Stern 2016 Interview

(Howard Stern Show)

Sacha Baron Cohen revealed on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show” that he’s worried about Donald Trump suing him over a scene in his new movie The Brothers Grimsby, which features the Republican presidential candidate getting HIV. Listen to the interview audio below!

“What’s great with your films, you’ll know they’ll be two or three old bags in the audience who will get f***ing outraged,” Stern told Cohen on his radio show. The actor agreed, noting that “something happens to Donald Trump in the movie,” which is causing an uproar. “Donald Trump contracts HIV in the movie,” the comedian explained.

Cohen went on to reveal that he had “an argument with the studio” about including the controversial scene, and Sony Pictures executives pressured him to “put a card in at the end saying Donald Trump is not involved in the movie, and is not HIV positive.” Cohen then recounted studio chiefs telling him, “We’re gonna get sued by Donald Trump. He might be the president.” But the irreverent comedian asserted, “I fought them on it.”

Cohen’s argument to the studio was that the scene is much less funny if he puts in a disclaimer at the end about Trump not actually having the disease. “Also, how can I write Donald Trump is not HIV positive… I don’t know,” Cohen added. “The guy’s been promiscuous.” And when Stern joked, “Do you worry that Trump will become president and put you and your entire family in Guantanamo?” Cohen admitted, “I worry more that he’ll sue.” Listen to the funny audio below from Cohen’s “Howard Stern Show” interview!


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