Sacha Baron Cohen Handcuffs Himself To Matt Lauer During ‘Today’ Show Interview (VIDEO)

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Sacha Baron Cohen Handcuffs Matt Lauer Today

By Andrew Shuster |

Sacha Baron Cohen handcuffed himself to Matt Lauer on Wednesday’s “Today” show during which he appeared in character as Nobby Butcher from his new movie The Brothers Grimsby. Watch the hilarious video below!

In his new comedy, Cohen stars as a dim-witted soccer hooligan from the small town of Grimsby, England. Rocking mutton chops and a soccer jersey, Cohen sat down for the interview in character while drinking a can of beer. The comic actor first gave some background information about his small English town, noting, “Grimsby is an amazing place… When the Vikings invaded about a thousand years ago, they went down through Scotland raping and pillaging, and then they got down to Grimsby and they saw our women and said, ‘You know what, let’s just do pillaging.'”

Additional fun facts about Grimsby include it being the “number one exporter of childhood obesity in all of Europe,” and recently achieving “100 percent unemployment.” Cohen, whose character in the movie becomes a spy, then explained to Lauer that he learned how to “get out of handcuffs using just butter and a paper clip… in ten seconds.” But when the comedian attempted to handcuff himself to Lauer, the talk show host jumped out of his chair and nearly ran away. “No, not in a million years… I am not putting myself in that handcuff with you,” Lauer said, knowing full well what Cohen is capable of while in character.

But after the actor insisted, “C’mon, you can trust an English man,” Lauer grudgingly agreed to get handcuffed. As expected, Cohen a.k.a. Nobby was not capable of freeing the men from being handcuffed together using just butter and a paper clip, and the two remained shackled to each other for the remainder of the interview. Watch Cohen in character on the “Today” show below!


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