Ryan Seacrest Asked About Drugs, Reveals He’s Ready For Kids On “Watch What Happens Live” (VIDEOS)

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Ryan Seacrest Watch What Happens Live

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Seacrest Watch What Happens Live


Ryan Seacrest was asked about drugs and why he’s still single during a wide-ranging “Watch What Happens Live” appearance on Wednesday. Check out the videos below.

It was during the late-night show’s signature game “Plead The Fifth” that Seacrest was (almost) goaded into revealing the hardest drug he’s ever taken. He had already used his plea earlier on, so the “American Idol” host didn’t have much wiggle room here. Still, Seacrest only copped to doing something relatively normal.

With co-guest Eva Longoria by his side, Seacrest said to the actress, “I believe it was at your wedding.” Referring to her 2007 nuptials with now ex-husband Tony Parker, he exclaimed, “You were the one passing them out! That was the beginning of the end, wasn’t it?” So, what was it exactly?

Apparently they drank vodka shots with egg yolk in it. A disappointed Andy Cohen asked in response, “That was it?” Seacrest failed at making it sound sexier than it was, but was actually more forthcoming about another area of hs personal life.

Asked why he’s still a bachelor, the 41-year-old Seacrest answered, “I haven’t wanted to grow up, I think, is part of it. I also work a lot. But I don’t think I’ll be single forever.” In fact, the radio and TV personality revealed he actually has babies on the brain.

“I kinda turned that corner around Christmas time. I was looking at the kids in the park here in New York, and I thought that dads taking pictures with the kids was so cute,” explained Seacrest. “So that’s when I was like, ‘I’ll do this one day.’ That just happened.”

Fittingly, Longoria and Seacrest’s episode also entailed doing a “shotski” with Cohen. Yolk was not involved. Check out the clips below.


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