Ryan Seacrest “Walks Out” On “Live” Is Fake News

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Ryan Seacrest Walking Out Live

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Ryan Seacrest Walking Out Live

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Ryan Seacrest has not “walked out” on “Live With Kelly And Ryan,” nor is he planning to quit the talk show. A report claiming otherwise is 100 percent fake news, Gossip Cop can confirm.

A headline in the current edition of the National Enquirer announces, “Seacrest Walks Out On Live!” The accompanying article begins, “The honeymoon is over for Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa! With the daytime duo’s ratings tanking on ‘Live,’ Ryan’s racing back to Hollywood [to] host the ‘American Idol reboot!” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Ryan yearns to get back home to California.”

“It didn’t take long for him to realize he’d made a big mistake moving to New York to co-host ‘Live.’ He was top dog on ‘Idol,’ but he’s second banana to Kelly, and it annoys him,” the supposed snitch claims to the supermarket tabloid, which contends Ripa will “go through the roof when she hears Ryan wants out.” An “insider” purportedly tells the gossip magazine, “She’s going to blow a gasket when Ryan walks!”

It was clearly that line that sparked the outlet’s sensational headline, but both versions are inaccurate. Seacrest has not walked, and he has no intention of doing so. While it’s true Seacrest will host the “American Idol” reboot, his biggest cheerleader when it comes to that is Ripa, who was actually the one to gleefully announce the news. And even though he will be returning to Hollywood to host the live episodes, the revival’s schedule was created precisely so Seacrest can work on both shows by appearing on “Idol” on Sundays and jetting back to New York for “Live” on Monday.

Seacrest has a long-term deal with “Live,” and he’s made clear he’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. On Thursday when a fan tweeted, “@LiveKellyRyan @RyanSeacrest Kelly are you going to have to find another Co host?????” he responded, “I’m not going anywhere anytime soon…so @kellyripa I hope your answer is no.” And when another asked, “Will Ryan still do LIVE?” Seacrest assured, “Every morning :)” In fact, he tweets about the show pretty much every day that it airs and shows nothing but love for Ripa.

But the National Enquirer, along with its sister publications, Star, OK! and RadarOnline, have been pushing a fake news narrative ever since he joined the program in early May. Most recently, in late June, the webloid alleged Seacrest might be “planning to leave ‘Live.'” Gossip Cop busted the story at the time and nothing has changed, aside from Seacrest’s “Idol” deal becoming official. But in signing that, he’s only reaffirmed his commitment to the daytime talk show. “Live With Kelly And Ryan” is staying “Live With Kelly And Ryan,” period.