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Ryan Seacrest is not in a "trial marriage" to save his career, contrary to new reports. Two sister outlets are alleging the TV host is playing up his relationship with Shanya Taylor in the wake of sexual harassment allegations and ratings woes. But Gossip Cop can prove that the claims are false.

On Wednesday, RadarOnline and its sister publication, the National Enquirer, both published stories claiming Seacrest has been "clobbered" by a sexual harassment scandal and "bleak" ratings for "American Idol," to the point where a trial marriage may be "key to salvaging" his "battered reputation." The articles note that Seacrest and Taylor have been living together in New York, and claim he has been "blabbing that it's their first step to the altar." Of course, co-habitation is the "first step to the altar" for many couples, but the tabloid and the website quote the same so-called "source" as saying, "This is all about protecting his brand."

The supposed snitch theorizes that "if America starts putting its focus on him getting married, they'll forget all this other stuff and return to 'Idol' in droves." It's unclear why an engagement or a marriage would make viewers any more or less likely to tune into a music-focused reality competition. But the notion that such a stunt would be necessary for ratings is untrue. Earlier this week, ABC noted "Idol" was Sunday's top TV series. And "American Idol" was already renewed for another season a few weeks ago with Seacrest on board. Obviously then, the ratings are not "bleak" or problematic, nor is his job in jeopardy.

As for the publications' other assertions, the magazine and the blog maintain Seacrest and Taylor "have been photographed together constantly since February when his former personal stylist, Suzie Hardy, hit him with harassment allegations." Actually, as this timeline of the sexual misconduct claims against Seacrest shows, the situation dates back to last November. The implication that he's only stepped out with Taylor since February, and only because of the scandal, is demonstrably false. Last June, for example, Seacrest and Taylor were seen in Paris together. That was long before the #MeToo movement in Hollywood even broke open.

There's an additional problem with these contentions when looking at the timeline. The stories make it seem like the couple is only living together for the sake of Seacrest "cleaning up his image" in the wake of allegations. But they were already living together in Los Angeles prior to the television personality joining "Live with Kelly" a year ago. And when that gig prompted him to move to New York, Taylor made the move as well. In fact, last October, Seacrest and Taylor were photographed touring homes together. All of this pre-dates not just Hardy's allegations in November, but the "American Idol" premiere in March.

Seacrest and Taylor live together because they're in a committed relationship, not because it's suddenly a "shrewd business move" to save his career. And while we've already proven these reports are untrue, an insider close to the pair, who was not at liberty to comment on the record, also reveals to Gossip Cop, "They are in love and everyone around them witnesses this... Ryan is the happiest he has been in a very long time." Our confidante even suggested the gossip media "give it a rest." After all, they've been off-base on the star for a while now.

Both RadarOnline and National Enquirer spent much of last year wrongly claiming Seacrest was quitting "Live." Gossip Cop debunked those allegations each time they were made, and time has proven our reporting was correct. It should also be noted that last September, the site falsely alleged Seacrest and Taylor were on the "brink" of a breakup. The couple is still together, and their relationship is still being misrepresented.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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