Ryan Seacrest “Today” Video: Watch “American Idol” Finale Interview!

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Ryan Seacrest Today Video Idol Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Seacrest Today Video Idol Interview


Ryan Seacrest opened up about the end of “American Idol” in an interview broadcast on Thursday’s “Today” just hours before the show’s series finale. Watch below!

In anticipation of the final episode, Natalie Morales met with Seacrest to reflect on the last 15 seasons and how the show, as she put it, helped turn the host into a “pop culture icon.” The two had a one-on-one interview right on the “Idol” stage just days ago. “This has been my home for 15 years, and I’m getting close to getting tears myself,” Seacrest admitted. “It would be impossible for me to not get emotional at that finale.”

Morales deemed Seacrest the “glue” that has held the show together, and wondered if he felt he’s been given proper props for that. “I think I’ve been given plenty of credit,” he responded. “And I realize and remember when I had none of it.”

Seacrest attributed his success to being “scared to death of failing.” Joking about why he’s still single, the radio personality said, “I have several flaws: I’m a short guy, I’m not that athletic, I work a little bit. If I don’t shift my priorities a little bit, I’m going to die before I fall in love and get married.”

More seriously though, he confessed to “really” wanting to have kids. Circling back to “Idol” he added, “The reason I always have 10 [jobs] is because I’m always afraid I’m going to lose five. Nothing will replace this, but I’m looking forward to the possibility of what might be next.”

Bonus: Seacrest also revealed he was originally wanted as an “Idol” judge, not host. Check out the videos below!


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