Ryan Seacrest Stuck In Elevator Before “GMA” Interview (VIDEO)

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Ryan Seacrest elevator Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Seacrest elevator Video

(Ryan Seacrest/Twitter)

Ryan Seacrest was stuck in an elevator and had to be rescued by the fire department on Friday, just before a “GMA” interview. Watch below!

Seacrest was set to appear on the morning show to talk about his annual “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” special. The host traveled to Times Square and planned to do a bit next to the ball drop, but became trapped in a Walgreens elevator on his way up to the roof. Filming himself and those with whom he was stuck, Seacrest deadpanned, “How did you spend your final moments of 2016?”

As Seacrest continued to film the situation and jokingly wondered if he could do his New Year’s show from there, everyone in the elevator tried to contact the outside world via their cell phones. After one “GMA” producer reached the control room, Seacrest observed, “They didn’t seem so concerned.” Eventually, though, forty minutes passed and New York City firefighters came to the group’s rescue.

Now, with their original plan to reach the New Year’s ball aborted, Seacrest went to the “Good Morning America” studio to do his live interview on the “spacious” set. The anchors were all elated that the TV and radio personality actually made it, but wanted more details about the unexpected adventure. Asked if he had “snacks” during the ordeal, Seacrest admitted, “We started going through pockets. We had Altoids, and cough drops, and one Advil.”

It was also pointed out that this particular elevator needs to be functioning by Saturday night. “It seems that would be a good idea,” quipped Seacrest. Check out all the videos below!

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