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Ryan Seacrest became the new co-host on Live with Kelly Ripa in 2017. Since then, there have been various rumors that the host’s time on the daytime talk show would be short. Gossip Cop gathered a few stories we’ve investigated about Seacrest and if he’s leaving the show. Here’s what we know.

Ryan Seacrest Couldn't Take Kelly Ripa's 'Diva Attitude'?

In 2018, the National Enquirer purported that Seacrest was leaving Live because of Ripa’s attitude. The paper maintained that Seacrest was “fed up” and on the verge of quitting the show due to Ripa’s domineering diva attitude. An insider revealed that Seacrest “tried to bend over backward” for the former soap opera actress, but he still couldn’t get his way. The source added that Ripa only cared about the ratings, but Seacrest “wanted to be loved.” Gossip Cop, however, ran the story by a spokesperson for Seacrest, who assured us that report was untrue.

Ryan Was Going To Bail On Kelly?

In 2019, Life & Style alleged that Ryan Seacrest was “bailing” on Kelly Ripa. The publication claimed that Seacrest was planning on “blindsiding” Ripa because he missed his life on the west coast. The magazine’s source disclosed that Ripa even asked Seacrest if he was leaving even though Seacrest is contractually obligated to stay on the show. Honestly, the entire narrative didn’t make a lick of sense. Seacrest isn’t some malicious opportunist who would up and leave his co-host. Ripa has even spoken highly of the American Idol host before he joined the talk show.

Ryan is a quintessential broadcaster and at the top of his game. I am thrilled to start my mornings with him every day, and we are so fortunate at ‘Live’ to have him join the family.

That doesn’t sound like someone who would run off on their on-air partner. Gossip Cop dismissed the report at the time.

Was The Staff Of 'Live' Upset With Kelly And Ryan?

A few months ago, the often debunked website, NaughtyGossip, asserted Ripa and Seacrest’s staff were upset with them. The blog claimed the crew members of Live with Kelly and Ryan were livid Ripa and Seacrest left New York City amid the current pandemic. However, Gossip Cop corrected the storyline. The hosts didn’t abandon their staff and honestly, once the coronavirus broke out, everyone had to isolate themselves. Including celebrities. We also checked with a source close to the situation who denied the story.

Kelly To ABC Executives: It's Ryan Or Me!

Not too long afterward, the same outlet purported that Ripa threatened to quit Live if Seacrest didn’t return to New York City. Once again, the website clearly didn’t check its facts before it concocted this plot. The blog contended that if Seacrest wanted to do Live from Hollywood, the show producers would have to choose between him and Ripa because she “wasn’t going.” Gossip Cop has corrected this phony storyline numerous times, we didn’t even really need to clarify this bogus report. It’s evident that Seacrest hasn't and isn’t leaving the show anytime soon, and he and Ripa are friends in real life.


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