Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Fallon Play Pictionary On “Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Ryan Seacrest Pictionary Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Seacrest Pictionary Jimmy Fallon Video


Ryan Seacrest and Jimmy Fallon faced off in a funny game of Pictionary on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch below!

Seacrest was paired with Steve Higgins, while Fallon was joined by the episode’s other guest, Cedric The Entertainer. For the first round, the former “American Idol” host had to draw a picture that would represent “limbo.” And he was awful.

“This is so easy,” Seacrest insisted, even though his drawing didn’t hint to “limbo” at all. Time eventually ran out before Higgins could solve it, leading a disappointed and dejected Seacrest to exclaim, “Is it over? Aw, man!”

Lucky for Fallon, Cedric picked a far easier clue: “Abraham Lincoln.” The actor and stand-up comedian wasn’t even finished drawing the president’s signature hat before the late-night host successfully guessed the person. And only five seconds went by.

Though that made the score 1 to zero, both teams still had to go head-to-head in a “final showdown.” Fallon and Higgins were tasked with drawing the same thing simultaneously, hoping their respective partner would guess correctly first. The clue?

“Igloo.” We won’t spoil who won, but there was FINALLY a good drawing. Check out the video below, as well as clips from Cedric and Seacrest’s respective interviews.


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