Ryan Seacrest NOT “Forced” To Talk About Julianne Hough Wedding On “Live,” Despite Claim

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Ryan Seacrest Julianne Hough Wedding

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Ryan Seacrest Julianne Hough Wedding


Ryan Seacrest was not “forced” to talk about Julianne Hough’s wedding on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” despite a claim from a clueless webloid. Gossip Cop can explain what really happened.

As we reported, Seacrest’s ex-girlfriend Hough married Brooks Laich last weekend. Her “Dancing with the Stars” co-stars, Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerovskiy, had their wedding, too. So on Monday’s “Live,” Seacrest and Kelly Ripa discussed the nuptials and how they took place on the very same day.

Now according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Seacrest was “forced” to talk about his former girlfriend marrying someone else, and it’s Ripa’s fault. “Ryan Seacrest was put in an extremely awkward position when he was forced by Kelly Ripa to talk about the weekend wedding of Julianne Hough to NHL player Brooks Laich,” writes the site, which asserts, “Although Ryan Seacrest seems to have moved on, it still has to be awkward to be forced to talk about the wedding of an ex, and to have to do it on live television. But thanks to shady co-host, Kelly Ripa, Ryan had to do just that.”

“Instead of letting Ryan talk about the wedding of Peta and Maksim, shady Kelly Ripa handed Ryan the picture of Julianne Hough’s wedding, forcing him to comment on Julianne’s wedding details,” contends the outlet, which goes on to suggest Seacrest was “probably just caught off-guard at having to comment on her wedding at all.” It’s further claimed Ripa made a “faux pas” by supposedly putting Seacrest in that position.

CDL maintains, “The fact that Kelly Ripa forced Ryan to talk about Julianne’s wedding proves once again how difficult she is to work with. Now viewers are wondering how long Ryan will choose to stay at ‘Live!'” But this is a misrepresentation of what actually went down, and there is video evidence to contradict this story’s portrayal of the segment.

First off, Seacrest was in no way “forced” to discuss Hough’s wedding. The topics of the daily chat between the co-hosts are typically reviewed by both Seacrest and Ripa prior to the broadcast, particularly when a subject may be controversial or personal. He was not blindsided and could’ve nixed the topic if he wanted to. But on the contrary, it was actually him, not Ripa, who brought up the weddings. As clearly seen below, Seacrest introduces the topic by saying, “Here’s some news over the weekend. I guess there were a couple of weddings over the weekend. Julianne Hough from ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Congratulations to Jules!”

It was also Seacrest, not Ripa, who held up a newspaper article showing pictures from the nuptials. And he went on to talk, without any prodding from Ripa, about Hough’s dad and how he knows the family before expressing happiness for his ex. So, how is that Ripa being “shady” and “forcing” him to discuss it? It’s not. How is that evidence of Ripa being “difficult” to work with? It’s not.

But Celeb Dirty Laundry has been pushing an anti-Ripa narrative ever since Michael Strahan left the show last year. That’s included a mean-spirited story in September that claimed Ripa was only promoted to executive producer on “Live” because she’s a “diva.” All the while, that piece, several others, and this new one have actually shown that the webloid doesn’t really know how the program works.

And, as Gossip Cop recently pointed out, it doesn’t know much about Hough’s wedding, either, as the site falsely claimed Nina Dobrev was “snubbed” and a not a bridesmaid even though she was, in fact, in the bridal party and there were photos to prove to it. In that case and this one with Seacrest, the outlet ignored readily available facts in favor of sensational, fictional stories. Gossip Cop likes to call that making fake news. Check out the video below to see how Seacrest, not Ripa, initiated the conversation about Hough.

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