Ryan Seacrest “Live With Kelly” Video: Co-Host Doesn’t Know What “Private Dicks” Means – WATCH!

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Ryan Seacrest Live Kelly Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Seacrest Live Kelly Video


Ryan Seacrest co-hosted “Live with Kelly” with Kelly Ripa on Thursday. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Ripa’s had different stars sitting in with her every day since Michael Strahan unexpectedly left the show last month. On Wednesday night, Seacrest teased, “tomorrow it’s my turn to play sidekick on @LiveKelly… do I need to wear a cape? #LiveKellyCohost.” There was no cape when Seacrest made his entrance this morning, but he did wear a snazzy suit… that he later admitted was “too tight” for him.

“I’m so happy to be here,” Seacrest said as the audience cheered. And Ripa revealed, “I had to sneak out of the house because if my daughter knew you were here, she would’ve tried to skip one of the last days of school.”

Given Seacrest’s pedigree, the two went on to share embarrassing red carpet stories, and he confessed how “uncomfortable” it was to be a guest and not an interviewer at the CFDA Awards earlier this week. The radio and TV personality will be heading to Rio this summer for the Olympics, and he may be out of his comfort zone, there, too.

“I’m studying sports, which is not always my beat,” Seacrest deadpanned. A joke about “balls” followed, and things became funnier when Seacrest didn’t know what “private dicks” referred to. Check out full video of the opening below!


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