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Ryan Seacrest has not left "Live," despite a report a year ago that claimed he was "walking out" of the talk show. Gossip Cop busted this story 12 months ago. Now the passage of time has also proven the allegation was untrue.

On July 21, 2017, Gossip Cop looked at a National Enquirer article that was headlined, "Seacrest Walks Out On Live!" The wording was purposefully designed to make readers think he had already quit "Live with Kelly and Ryan." But the story itself was about Seacrest supposedly planning to leave.

The supermarket tabloid alleged Seacrest was unhappy with his New York gig, and wanted to return to the West Coast to focus on the "American Idol" reboot. "It didn't take long for him to realize he'd made a big mistake moving to New York to co-host 'Live,'" a so-called "source" was quoted as saying, contending Seacrest was "annoyed" that he went from "top dog on 'Idol'" to "second banana" to Kelly Ripa on the morning show. This untraceable snitch maintained Ripa would "go through the roof when she hears Ryan wants out," and an equally unidentifiable "insider" further predicted she would "blow a gasket when Ryan walks."

But as Gossip Cop reported 365 days ago, Seacrest had no intention of "walking." It wasn't just saying that, either. The star himself did, too. The week this narrative was published, it was officially announced he would host the "Idol" revival, and Ripa was asked in a tweet whether she was going to have to "find another co-host." Seacrest, who was tagged in the message, responded, "I'm not going anywhere anytime soon... so @kellyripa I hope your answer is no." Seacrest also told another follower that he was committed to still doing their show "every morning."

In the months since, it's become crystal clear that our reporting was correct and that the TV/radio personality was not lying. When the live episodes of "American Idol" began airing in April, Seacrest traveled back and forth between Los Angeles and New York City, just as he planned. And in May, Seacrest reflected on his one-year anniversary of co-hosting "Live," calling the job a "dream." And as he was doing last summer, when this bogus story was peddled, Seacrest continues to post on Twitter about the show nearly every weekday. His commitment remains as strong as ever.

It's abundantly evident Seacrest never had any intention of "walking out" of "Live" last year. Unfortunately, as opposed to offering a correction, the tabloid has continued to offer this phony storyline, claiming again just last month that Seacrest is quitting "Live." The allegation is still not true, Gossip Cop confirmed, and time will once again back us up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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