Ryan Seacrest Has Stories He Doesn’t Like Deleted From E! Website?

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Ryan Seacrest E! Website

By Andrew Shuster |

Ryan Seacrest E! Website

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One of this week’s tabloid’s claims Ryan Seacrest has stories about him he doesn’t like deleted from the E! website. There’s no truth to the bogus rumor. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk it.

An alleged insider tells the National Enquirer, “Ryan reads everything written about him and if he doesn’t like something, he doesn’t think twice about having it removed.” The magazine’s supposed source adds, “Everyone at E! knows not to upset Ryan so it’s not like they are posting scandalous breaking news about him. But you would be surprised what Ryan takes exception to.” The outlet goes on to describe Seacrest as “thin skinned” and says that “if he doesn’t like a few words, or pictures, he has the whole post removed.”

Of course, the TV personality does have a lot of power at E! He serves as the managing editor for E! News and also hosts many of the network’s red carpet awards show. Seacrest also produces a number of shows for the channel, most notably “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which is the network’s highest-rated show.

Seacrest obviously wields a certain amount of authority at the network, but Gossip Cop can confirm that he’s not using it to monitor stories written about him on the company’s website. We checked in with a reliable source involved in E!’s site, who tells us the tabloid’s report is simply “not true.” Gossip Cop also ran the story by Seacrest’s spokesperson, who tells us on the record that the article is “completely untrue.” The magazine’s article is based on claims from an anonymous “source,” but E! insiders and the TV personality’s own rep confirm it’s nonsense.

It should be noted, E! has posted stories about the sexual misconduct allegations against Seacrest, who was accused of harassment by a former stylist back in November. The TV personality was cleared of any wrongdoing after the network conducted an investigation, but it’s not as if the site shied away from covering the controversy.

Meanwhile, the Enquirer has a very poor track when it comes to accurately reporting about the TV star. Gossip Cop busted the tabloid in July 2017 for falsely claiming that Seacrest was quitting “Live” over a supposed feud with Kelly Ripa. Of course, the TV personality is still co-hosting the show more than a year later. This past June, the magazine once again alleged that Seacrest was leaving “Live” over Ripa’s “attitude.” That didn’t pan out either. It’s clear the tabloid has very little insight into the TV star’s career, both at E! and elsewhere.


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