Ryan Seacrest Reveals He Broke Glass Door While Naked, Compares Injuries With Jimmy Fallon — WATCH VIDEO!

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Ryan Seacrest Broke Glass Door Naked Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Seacrest Broke Glass Door Naked Jimmy Fallon Video


Ryan Seacrest broke a glass door last weekend… while he was completely naked. Watch below!

The TV and radio personality was on Friday’s “Tonight Show,” and told Jimmy Fallon about his recent stay at the Las Ventanas hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Seacrest’s suite apparently came with an outdoor shower, and he couldn’t resist giving it a try for the first time in his life. Unfortunately, he ended up with a shower of glass.

After using the luxury amenity, Seacrest went to open the door to get out, only to have it completely break and collapse all over him. “Obviously, with my great strength, I broke it so easily,” Seacrest joked to Fallon. The star, still naked, was left bleeding after getting cuts on his head and hand.

The injuries, thankfully, weren’t serious, and the two men hilariously compared scars since Fallon is still recovering from his hand surgery after nearly ripping his finger off late last month. The late-night host wanted to know what “emergency room” Seacrest went to for treatment. “There’s a place called the Tequila Bar,” Seacrest amusingly replied, “and that solved all my problems.”

Fallon and Seacrest went on to conclude that if they just worked all the time, they wouldn’t have to worry about injuring themselves in their free time. Check out the full video below to see how Fallon, as sharp as always, managed to work in a masturbation joke.


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