Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor are on the "brink" of a breakup, according to a new report. But given that it was published by a site with spotty track record when it comes to the host, Gossip Cop was instantly suspicious. Now after an investigation, we can bust the story.

RadarOnline is falsely announcing in a headline on Wednesday, "Ryan Seacrest & Shayna Taylor On The Brink Over Host's Crazy NYC Lifestyle!" The webloid contends Seacrest "was 'miserable' living in the Big Apple at first but now with his new hot gig co-hosting 'Live!' the star has hunkered down in the city," while Taylor is "loving life in Los Angeles." The online publication maintains that "living on separate coasts has put a rift in the relationship, but Seacrest is said to have his heart stuck on NYC."

"Ryan sprung this new situation on Shayna almost out of the blue, and that's even by his unpredictable, last-minute standards," a so-called "informant" claims to the outlet, further asserting, "He is the first to acknowledge that it's a big deal, but even though he's settling into life in New York, with frequent trips to the west coast, she's fighting to stay in Los Angeles as much as possible and keeping up her own home there."

The site's supposed snitch goes on, "She's a strong willed girl and really dedicated to the weather in LA, Malibu and the beach scene, which Ryan isn't really at all. He just wants to go where the eyeballs are and for his new job on 'Live!' that's what he's insisted on." This purported tipster adds, "The good news is that Shayna, having a big voice in all this and sticking to her guns, proves that she's not a gold-digger. All she's asking for is a normal, sane life."

Yet despite exclaiming "Brink Of A Breakup!" and teasing in its introduction that the couple "may be headed for a split," the actual article doesn't say anything about Seacrest and Taylor ending their relationship. Nor is anything said about him actually having a "crazy NYC lifestyle." And given that Gossip Cop busted RadarOnline back in June for falsely claiming Seacrest was "miserable" living in New York City, it's interesting the outlet is now flip-flopping to support its new narrative.

The fact is, the publication has published more than a dozen erroneous Seacrest stories since May. So the notion that readers are supposed to believe the site now scored a scoop about his relationship with Taylor is simply laughable. And, well, the story just isn't real. Gossip Cop is told by one of our rock-solid Seacrest contacts that this article about being on the "brink" of a breakup was "completely fabricated by Radar." While it's certainly conceivable the romance could ultimately meet the same fate faced by other long-distance couples, Seacrest and Taylor remain happily together for now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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