Ryan Reynolds Offers To Go With Zayn Malik To See “Deadpool” (PHOTOS)

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Zayn Malik Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Tweet

By Shari Weiss |

Zayn Malik Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Tweet

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A bromance between Ryan Reynolds and Zayn Malik is continuing to blossom. Check out the photos below!

As Gossip Cop reported, the two were supposed to meet on “The Graham Norton Show” in January, but Malik pulled out at the last minute to continue working on his album. Reynolds amusingly tweeted at the time, “Zayn isn’t on the Graham Norton Show with me anymore. I’ll still go… But obviously I got my lips done for nothing.” Malik retweeted the message with a laughing emoji.

Now three months later, Reynolds and Malik might finally get together. On Thursday the singer tweeted, “Just seen Deadpool for the second time, f*cking love this sh*t!!” Reynolds caught wind of the message on Friday morning, and made an intriguing offer.

The actor tweeted in response, “If you’re gonna see Deadpool a 3rd time, let me know when and where. Not asking for me. For my twin brother, Donald.” Malik replied on Friday afternoon, “Only if i can borrow your costume.”

He is increasingly spending more time in the U.S. lately, which should make a joint trip to the movies easier to plan. In the past, Reynolds has also joked about being “obsessed” with Malik and devastated by his departure from One Direction (see below). Gossip Cop will update should this bromance finally become official.



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