Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson Talk ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ On ‘GMA’ (VIDEO)

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Ryan Reynolds Samuel L Jackson GMA

By Andrew Shuster |

Ryan Reynolds Samuel L Jackson GMA


Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson spoke about their new movie The Hitman’s Bodyguard in an interview on Friday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch the video below!

The popular actors team up for the first time in their upcoming action-comedy, in which Reynolds plays a bodyguard tasked with protecting a notorious hitman (Jackson) marked for death so he can testify in court. Reynolds described the film on Friday’s “GMA” as “a bit of romantic comedy,” calling it a “a buddy action-mance,” while his co-star dubbed it “an action rom-com.” After Reynolds was asked if he knew he’d have onscreen chemistry with Jackson, the actor noted, “I had a gut feeling about it because I wouldn’t do this thing without him.”

Jackson shows off his musical chops in the film with his original song, “Nobody Gets Out Alive,” which he wrote and performed for the film’s soundtrack. “He can do a baritone, he can do a falsetto,” Reynolds said of his co-star. Jackson went on to explain that he initially improvised lyrics for the song while filming a scene, but producers later “came back and asked me to write the rest of that song.” He added, “And I’m just waiting on my ASCAP credit to kick in.”

When Jackson was also asked why he signed on for the action movie, he revealed, “Number one, Ryan. You know, being able to be in a film with him.” As for working alongside the iconic actor, Reynolds said, “It’s something I’ve wanted to do forever. When he said yes, it was like, ‘Oh, this is great!’ I knew that I would have a partner in crime.” And finally, Jackson was asked to choose a better bodyguard between Reynolds and Kevin Costner’s character in the 1990 drama The Bodyguard. “I’m gonna go with Ryan,” Jackson answered, prompting his co-star to add, “That’s generous of you because my character’s an emotional moron.” Watch the full “GMA” interview below.

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