Ryan Reynolds On ‘Graham Norton Show’: I Annoy Blake Lively By Imitating Movie Trailer Voiceovers

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Ryan Reynolds Graham Norton Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Ryan Reynolds Graham Norton Show

(The Graham Norton Show)

Ryan Reynolds appeared on Friday’s “Graham Norton Show,” during which he told a funny story about how he annoys his wife Blake Lively by doing impressions of voiceover actor for movie trailers. Reynolds then demonstrated by putting on a deep voice and performing a mock film preview. See the video below!

The British talk show host noted that Reynolds actually does the voiceover work for the trailers of his upcoming superhero movie Deadpool. “I love that stuff,” the actor admitted. “I do it at home all the time. It drives my wife nuts.” Reynolds then went on to show off his skills by advertising a fake movie starring him and his fellow talk show guests.

Speaking with a deep and intense tone, Reynolds began, “In a world, divided by fear, one man must stand alone.” He continued, “Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Toby Jones in… Graham Norton’s Pants. Rated R.” The audience and fellow guests were quite impressed by the actor’s hidden talent, especially Smith, who joked, “That was really good. I want to see that movie!” Watch Ryan Reynolds perform a trailer voiceover for a fake movie on the “Graham Norton Show” in the video below.


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