Ryan Reynolds “Good Morning America” Video: Watch “Life” Interview!

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Ryan Reynolds Good Morning America Life

By Holly Nicol |

Ryan Reynolds Good Morning America Life


Ryan Reynolds appeared on Thursday’s “Good Morning America” to talk about his new movie, Life. Check out the video below!

The actor spoke to the “GMA” panel during a live segment on the morning show about his new sci-fi film Life, which follows a crew aboard the International Space Station who discover the first evidence of life on Mars. “It’s an amazing cast and an amazing story,” Reynolds said.

“It’s actually not that far-fetched,” the actor continued. “That’s what I love about Life, this incredible script, actually by the Deadpool writers, it’s a story about where they bring onboard an organism they found in space. What’s so scary about it isn’t that it’s this evil creature, but it’s just designed to survive. What is scarier than waking up to a bunch of human faces staring down at you? It’s a pretty intense ride.”

Reynolds went on to talk about his close relationship with costar Jake Gyllenhaal. “I think he’s easily one of the most interesting actors working in Hollywood today. Definitely one of my favorites,” he said. “We’re hanging out all the time, we live near each other. Blake [Lively] is very good at cooking, and Jake might just be a little bit better. He gets very competitive,” Reynolds joked. Check out the full “GMA” interview below, in which Reynolds also talks about his hilarious parenting tweets. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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