Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Headed For Divorce Over Rumors He Cheated?

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Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Divorce Cheated

By Andrew Shuster |

Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Divorce Cheated


One of this week’s tabloids claims Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are headed for a divorce over supposed rumors he cheated on her with a twenty-something woman in Los Angeles. The story is completely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to OK!, the spouses have been “living separate lives for the last three months” and it’s all because the actor may have “strayed.” An alleged insider tells the outlet, “People in their social circles have been whispering about it. [She knows] there were days Ryan was in L.A. alone, surrounded by God knows who, while she was home taking care of the kids.” The couple has lived in Bedford, New York since 2012.

The supposed source goes on to say that Lively is usually “the kind of person to shrug off these types of rumors,” but “this one won’t seem to go away” and she even confronted her husband about it. “True or not, no woman ever wants to hear that her husband may have cheated,” adds the questionable tipster. “Blake must be very upset, and no one could blame her for feeling betrayed.”

The tabloid’s story is totally fabricated. For starters, these so-called “cheating rumors” are unfounded. The magazine has zero proof to back up the claim, but insists the couple’s friends have been “whispering” about the actor being unfaithful. The outlet doesn’t provide a single detail to corroborate any of it.

The magazine simply maintains that Reynolds may have cheated with a “twenty-something woman in L.A.” Who is this woman? When and where did they meet? How did Lively find out? You won’t find the answer to these questions in the tabloid’s article, which is complete fiction.

Earlier this week, Lively left a flirty comment on Reynolds’ Instagram page after the actor shared new footage from his upcoming movie Detective Pikachu. In reference to a clip of her husband’s animated title character, the actress joked, “Is it wrong to say I’d tap that??” Reynolds replied, “This is easily the best fan-fiction I’ve ever read.” The happy spouses have been known to trade banter on social media. If they were truly plagued by cheating rumors and headed for a split, it’s highly unlikely the actress would be joking about wanting to sleep with her husband’s Pokemon character.

Gossip Cop busted OK! more than a year ago for falsely claiming Reynolds and Lively were “living separate lives” and headed for a breakup. At the time, the magazine claimed the spouses were splitting due to their busy careers. Naturally, the premise was completely bogus. Just a few months after alleging the couple was getting a divorce, the tabloid reversed course and wrongly reported Reynolds and Lively were expecting twins. That article was no more accurate, and the same goes for this latest one.


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