Ryan Reynolds Anxiety Ruining Blake Lively Marriage?

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Ryan Reynolds Anxiety

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Ryan Reynolds Anxiety

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Is Ryan Reynolds’ anxiety ruining his marriage with Blake Lively? A new report claims the actress is demanding her husband “head to therapy before their relationship hits rock bottom.” Gossip Cop, however, can reveal the truth.

In a May profile, Reynolds spoke with the New York Times at length about Deadpool and suffering from anxiety. The article was even headlined, “This Story Has Already Stressed Ryan Reynolds Out,” and it was reported at the outset that the actor is “often, quite secretly, a nervous wreck.” Now nearly four months later, Star is using that interview as the basis for a piece titled, “Ryan & Blake’s Marriage: A Nervous Wreck?”

According to the tabloid, Lively is “worried sick his issues will tear their marriage and family apart.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Ryan needs to seek help quickly. This is no joking matter. He’s often overcome by sadness and grief, sometimes for no reason.” Continues this untraceable tipster, “It’s scaring Blake, and she’s afraid how this might affect [their] children.”

It’s alleged Lively is “begging Ryan to get therapy before it rips their relationship apart.” The magazine also cites a purported “insider,” who contends, “He gets anxious then depressed and shuts himself away, and that’s frustrating for Blake. She tries to keep him calm, but she can only do so much.” The outlet maintains they were a “once-carefee couple,” but now Lively is insisting Reynolds “get help.”

Actually, as he explained to the Times, his anxiety dates back to his youth, so Reynolds has never exactly been “carefree.” He also shared in that interview that he relies on the meditation app Headspace to help cope. And while the tabloid’s take makes it seem like he has never received professional assistance, prompting Lively to “beg” him to now, Reynolds admitted in 2016 that he saw multiple doctors after suffering “a little bit of a nervous breakdown” when the first Deadpool movie wrapped.

Star is wrongly making it seem like there is a sudden problem for which Reynolds has never received treatment. That’s just not true. Lively also regularly shows support for Reynolds on Instagram, including a post two weeks ago that she shared after attending a party for his new gin company. Even more recently, Us Weekly just reported on Thursday that Lively and Reynolds “couldn’t be happier and more in love.”

Unfortunately, its sister publication has a history of falsely claiming the couple is having problems. In fact, back in 2014, Star wanted readers to believe Lively and Reynolds were leading “separate lives,” and in 2016, the magazine maintained they were “fighting nonstop.” But no matter how many times the outlet claims their relationship is at risk, Reynolds and Lively keep proving they’re a unit, regardless of any mental health problems the actor faces. That will continue to be the case going forward.


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