That Time Ryan Reynolds Accidentally Went Bald On Set

Ryan Reynolds wearing a black suit during the 'Woman in Gold' press conference

By Elyse Johnson |

Ryan Reynolds wearing a black suit during the 'Woman in Gold' press conference

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Ryan Reynolds is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood today. Reynolds has appeared on People’s “Most Sexiest Men Alive” list in 2007, 2009, and was awarded the coveted title in 2010. Even still, Reynolds had to deal with an unforeseen consequence while filming Buried.  The actor accidentally gave himself a bald spot while he was locked in a casket. Many may think this happened while he filmed the Marvel film, Deadpool, but it didn’t. This took place during the production of the movie, Buried.

The movie follows the story of an Iraq-based American civilian truck driver who is attacked and buried alive in a casket, with only a knife, mobile phone, lighter, flask, flashlight, glowsticks, a pen, and a pencil.

The psychological-thriller was a different tone from what the actor was used to. Reynolds has been known more for his comedic-action portrayals. The actor admitted to his hesitation about taking the role, but the film was well-received.

Ryan Reynolds Was Stuck In A Box

In an interview with GQ, Reynolds revealed that even he didn’t know how the film would turn out, given that most of it was shot from him inside the coffin. “I just thought, There’s no possible way that could be any good,” the actor stated.

Reynolds also commented on the difficulties of filming from such a small space, which was a different experience for the actor but one he does appreciate.

“I’ll never, ever in my life complain on a set again after being on that set. Sixteen, seventeen days of doing that… It was such a state of emotional distress,” the actor recalled. As a result of filming in an incredibly tight space during the day, Reynolds developed a bad case of insomnia. He’d Skype home instead of sleeping and would read the same page from the book Confederacy Of Dunces over and over again. As for the bald spot? The actor got that patch on his head from rubbing his head against the rough wood of the coffin where he filmed for hours a day. The actor also burned his hands constantly with the lighter he used in the film and cut his fingers on the coffin.

Buried was a surprising success and received critical-acclaim from critics and fans upon its release. Even though the film isn’t well-known, it is one of Reynold’s best performances and showed his versatile acting skills. The actor also recently shared his take on his performance in the film Van Wilder. The gross-out comedy is considered to be the actor’s breakout movie role, however Reynolds did not share the same thoughts about it. The actor claimed that due to his character, he was known as the “party guy” which the actor did not want to be known. Luckily his career has since expanded as he continues to make blockbuster hits.