Ryan Quinn “The Voice” Audition Video: Music Teacher Gets Four-Chair Turn-Around And Standing Ovation – WATCH!

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Ryan Quinn The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Quinn The Voice Audition Video


Ryan Quinn closed “The Voice” on Monday with a four-chair turn-around and a standing ovation. Watch below!

The 25-year-old New York revealed he co-teaches music classes for kids who have “suffered varying degrees of trauma in their lives.” But it’s been a “rough” few years for the contestant, who has been battling a “severe” case of Lyme disease. “It’s really now or never for pursuing music,” Quinn said before taking the stage.

Barely though his first verse of Eric Clapton’s “Can’t Find My Way Home,” Christina Aguilera hit her button. Adam Levine and Pharrell simultaneously pushed theirs a bit later, and Blake Shelton made it all four chairs. Levine seemed the most determined to win Quinn over from the outset, telling him, “I’m gonna keep my claws out and I’m gonna fight as hard as I possibly can.”

But Aguilera laid it on thick as well. “You are one of those voices that needs to be heard worldwide,” she told Quinn. “I would be so honored to be your coach, and I would do everything would to take you all the way.” Meanwhile, Shelton argued, “It’s not about where I come from musically. It’s just about helping you be the best you can be.”

Pharrell pointed out that Quinn’s voice “resonates with each one of us,” and in the end, he chose to join… Team Adam! Aguilera asked him afterward, “Did you come here to break my heart, Ryan?” Check out the full video below!


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