Ryan Quinn And Owen Danoff “Voice” Knockout Video: Watch Unexpected Steal!

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Ryan Quinn Voice Knockout Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Quinn Voice Knockout Video


Ryan Quinn and Owen Danoff‘s “Knockout” on “The Voice” on Monday led to an unexpected steal. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Quinn and Danoff both scored four-chair turn-arounds during the Blind Auditions, and chose to join Team Adam. Each went on to win their respective “Battles.” But now Adam Levine selected them face each other in the “Knockout” round, which meant he was going to lose a standout performer no matter what happened.

During a mentoring session with guest adviser Miley Cyrus, Danoff was encouraged to be more confident with his interpretation of Billy Joel’s “She’s Always A Woman.” In his own rehearsal for Train’s “Drops Of Jupiter,” Quinn was told to “feel more.” Cyrus further advised him to “make the song your own.”

Danoff and Quinn went on to nail their performances, both vocally and emotionally. Afterward, Blake Shelton declared, “Adam put two of his four-chair turns against each other. Silly!” He gave the edge to Danoff, though.

Pharrell and Christina Aguilera seemed to agree, though they had much praise for Quinn, too. “There’s no reason why any one of you couldn’t make it to the finals,” Pharrell told the pair. Levine, meanwhile, felt that he could go on journeys with both aspiring stars.

As he sat in silence trying to decide, Aguilera and Pharrell commented on what a difficult decision it would be. Ultimately, though, Levine named Danoff the winner. But when the steal window opened up for Quinn, Aguilera went for it!

“I have been a fan of yours since the blind, and now I get my moment with you,” Aguilera told him. Watch below!


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