Ryan Lochte ‘The Bachelor’ Story Not True

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Ryan Lochte The Bachelor

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Lochte The Bachelor

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Ryan Lochte is NOT joining “The Bachelor,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story, which can be found in one of the tabloids.

“‘The Bachelor’ Wants Ryan,” reads a headline in the new issue of In Touch. The magazine writes in the accompanying story, “Ryan Lochte’s post-scandal life is looking pretty rosy!” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “He’s in talks to join the ‘Bachelor’ franchise, either as a contestant on ‘The Bachelorette’ or as a future Bachelor.”

The outlet goes on to say, “Ryan’s team is desperate to rehabilitate his image and thinks that joining the show would be the perfect way for the Olympian to rebrand himself.” The alleged tipster adds, “Ryan has become known as a womanizing, selfish, arrogant jerk. His team really thinks that ‘The Bachelorette’ or ‘The Bachelor’ could help America see him as a much more thoughtful and sensitive guy.”

Not so fast. “The Bachelor” has a long history of choosing its leads from former contestants, as opposed to bringing in outsiders unaffiliated with the franchise. Furthermore, as Gossip Cop just reported on Tuesday, one day before this tabloid tale came out, Nick Viall is the next Bachelor.

Filming will take place this fall, while Lochte is competing on “Dancing with the Stars,” a fact noticeably missing from this out-of-touch In Touch article. In addition, with the new season of “The Bachelor” ramping up production, producers are not already looking ahead to contestants for whoever their next Bachelorette may be. And with shooting for that taking place next spring, Lochte’s team wouldn’t be waiting months to “rehabilitate his image,” or waiting until after that to make him “The Bachelor” star following Viall, which ABC wouldn’t commit to so far in advance, anyway.

In any case, Gossip Cop still checked in with a rep for Lochte to find out if he’s really “in talks” with the series, as the publication claims. Not surprisingly, the spokesperson exclusively tells us the story is “totally false.”


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