Ryan Lochte Suspended From Swimming

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Ryan Lochte Suspended

By Michael Lewittes |

Ryan Lochte Suspended

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Ryan Lochte will reportedly be suspended from swimming for 10 months. The punishment is set to be handed out to the Olympian on Thursday for his misrepresentation last month about what happened at a Rio gas station.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Lochte alleged after a night out in Rio that he was robbed at gunpoint by a person pretending to be a police officer. As time went by, however, his story didn’t hold up, and it was revealed that an armed guard demanded Lochte and three other U.S. swimmers, Gunnar Bentz, Jack Condor and Jimmy Feigen, pay for allegedly damaging property at the gas station. Lochte was later charged with the crime of filing a false police report, which could land him behind bars for six to 18 months. But the Olympic gold medalist has no intention of returning to Brazil, and he cannot be extradited for the crime.

Lochte is now being punished by the U.S Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Committee, and USA Swimming, the body that governs competitive swimming in the U.S. For his fibbing, subsequent denials, and alleged vandalism, he’s out of swimming meets and tournaments for the next 10 months. Neither Lochte nor his rep have commented on the suspension, which is slated to be officially announced on Thursday. Lochte is currently busy rehearsing for the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars,” which begins on Monday.

It is also expected that Feigen, Condor and Bentz will receive shorter suspensions. Gossip Cop will update when we get official confirmation for each of the swimmer’s punishment.


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