Ryan Lochte Did NOT Have “Meltdown” After ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Elimination, Despite Report

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Ryan Lochte Meltdown DWTS

By Michael Lewittes |

Ryan Lochte Meltdown DWTS

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Ryan Lochte did not have a “backstage meltdown after he was eliminated from “Dancing With The Stars” on Monday, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s “total BS.”

According to RadarOnline, Lochte was “not pleased” after he was voted off “Dancing With The Stars,” and acted like a “sore loser” while throwing a “massive meltdown backstage.” A so-called source tells the webloid, “After Ryan lost last night, he freaked out backstage because he honestly thought that he was the one to beat.” “On his way out, he snapped at one of the producers for no reason and he did not thank everyone,” alleges the supposed “source,” who adds, “He stormed off set without even saying goodbye.”

The same alleged production insider claims, without offering any specifics, “Ryan caused so many problems in the short time he was on the show and the people on set could just not stand him anymore.” “He came into this thing trying to be all humble and, by the end, he was not only ungrateful, but also really cocky,” contends the webloid’s seemingly manufactured source. The questionable snitch further asserts the cast and crew are “just glad he is finally gone.”

Gossip Cop looked into the outlet’s report, and a source close to the production assures Gossip Cop the claim is “total BS.” Additionally, a rep for Lochte exclusively tells us he “loved” the experience of being on the dance competition show and “loved everyone.” Earlier on “Good Morning America,” the Olympian’s dance partner even sang his praises, noting how “awesome to work with.”

Sadly, Gossip Cop is not surprised by the falsity of the RadarOnline article. We have repeatedly busted the webloid for a series of made-up stories about Olympic swimmer. Among the reports Gossip Cop corrected was one that alleged Lochte was quitting “Dancing With The Stars” after fighting with Burke. Another tall tale from that same outlet asserted Lochte believed “Dancing With The Stars” was rigged. Curiously in its latest fabrication, the site neglected to mention any of its provably wrong stories from the past few weeks. Much like those previous contentions, the current one about Lochte having a “backstage meltdown” is similarly untrue.

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Ryan Lochte Had A “Meltdown” After Being Eliminated From ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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