Ryan Lochte ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Story NOT True

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Ryan Lochte Dancing With The Stars

By Michael Lewittes |

Ryan Lochte Dancing With The Stars

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ABC did not rescind an offer to Ryan Lochte to appear on “Dancing With The Stars,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. We’re told the claim is untrue.

According to HollywoodLife, a site that churns out stories that often don’t hold up to scrutiny, the latest is that Lochte was going to appear on the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars,” but as a result of his current scandal, he was dropped from the competition how. A so-called “source” tells the webloid, “The controversy happened in Rio and they have taken the offer off the table.” But Gossip Cop checked into with a source close to the situation, and we’re told it’s untrue that an offer to be on “Dancing With The Stars” was nixed in light of Lochte’s predicament. For its part, ABC issued a statement to Gossip Cop that it doesn’t comment on “rumors.”

Here’s what’s really going on: HollywoodLies, as it is known, angled for some way to insinuate itself into the conversation about Lochte, who has been the main news story for the past few days. Knowing full well that ABC wouldn’t comment, it seemingly manufactured this claim. Should Lochte not appear on the season, the webloid will allege it was because of his elaborate account. And if the swimmer were to be on “Dancing With The Stars,” the site would then claim after Lochte’s apology for his Rio robbery story, an offer was put “back” on the table.

Much like Lochte’s claim about being held up at gunpoint by people posing at police officers in Rio, HollywoodLife’s story upon investigation is also untrue, Gossip Cop has learned. The difference, however, is unlike the Olympic gold medalist, the site will never own up to its fibs. There will be no apology, just more tall tales.

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ABC revoked their offer to Ryan Lochte to appear on ‘Dancing With The Stars.’


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