Ryan Gosling Does ‘SNL’ Monologue About How He Saved Jazz – WATCH VIDEO

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Ryan Gosling SNL Monologue

By Michael Lewittes |

Ryan Gosling SNL Monologue


Ryan Gosling opened his “SNL” monologue during the season’s premiere by talking about how he “saved jazz” in La La Land. He then talked about his upcoming movie Blade Runner 2049 while he sat at a piano talking once again about how he “saved jazz.” Emma Stone then interrupted to that “they” saved jazzed together. See the video below of Gosling’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue.

This marks the second time Gosling has hosted the sketch comedy program. His first time was in December 2015. He began his monologue then by talking about how he grew up in New York, but it was then pointed out by cast member Cecily Strong that the actor’s actually from Canada.

That prompted proud Canadian and former “SNL” cast member Mike Myers to come onstage in a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey, and ask Gosling why he’s ashamed of his Canadian roots. Myers then listed a number of reasons to be proud of being Canadian, such as it’s the birthplace of Justin Bieber. After that, Gosling and Myers sang a Canadian Christmas song that featured a refrain about drinking “Molsons till you puke.”

Among Gosling’s memorable skits from his first appearance on “Saturday Night Live” was a parody of the “The Wiz,” which had just recently aired on NBC. Of course, the main joke was that he was playing the Scarecrow in what was an all-black production that featured Leslie Jones as The Wiz, Sasheer Zamata as Dorothy, Jay Pharoah as the Tin Man, Kenan Thompson as the Cowardly Lion, and Michael Che as a black Scarecrow. When Gosling’s Scarecrow tried to impress the others with his song-and-dance to “If I Only Had A Brain,” The Wiz remarked that it was “corny as hell.”

Gosling’s hosting of this season’s premiere of “Saturday Night Live” comes a few days in advance of the release of his upcoming movie, Blade Runner 2049. In the film, which has received strong positive buzz, Gosling plays Officer K, a blade runner for the LAPD who teams up with former blade runner Harrison Ford. Check out the video below of Ryan Gosling talking about how he “saved jazz” during his monologue on “SNL.”

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