Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Did NOT Split, Despite Report

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Mendes Gosling Split

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Mendes Gosling Split


Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have NOT split, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the false report.

Wednesday’s new cover of Star wrongly announces, “Eva & Ryan Split!” The front of the issue further teases a “blowout fight before [the] Oscars,” a “screaming match” over Emma Stone, and a custody battle for their kids. Inside the edition, a headline blares, “It’s Over!”

“Consumed with jealousy over Ryan Gosling’s closeness with Emma Stone, Eva Mendes is ready to pull the plug on their five-year romance,” writes the magazine, which says the couple is at a “crossroads” in their “under-the-radar romance.” It’s specially alleged, “The day before the [Academy Awards] ceremony, the couple got into a blowout fight after Eva rejected Ryan’s pleas to attend the awards show — because she was fed up with how close he has become with his red-hot La La Land co-star, Emma Stone!”

A so-called “insider” claims to the publication, “Ryan desperately wanted Eva by his side. He told her how bad it looked when she wasn’t there when he won his Golden Globe in January and that he was tired of making excuses for her. Ryan said that if she wasn’t going to support him on the biggest night of his career, then would she ever? Eva snapped back that he shouldn’t be worried, because Emma would be there for him.”

“Ryan stormed out of the house, and friends aren’t sure if he returned at all that night,” continues the outlet’s supposed source. “But now, Eva may not even want him back. She’s ready to call it quits on their relationship.” The rest of the story is filled out with claims about Gosling and Stone’s “tight bond” and Mendes being “crazy jealous.” The alleged tipster even says, “Some in their circle are convinced that she’s already spoken to a lawyer.”

Naturally, that leads the tabloid to suggest there’ll be a “nasty” custody battle, as teased on the cover. It’s all very dramatic. It’s also all very untrue. Gosling and Mendes were never planning on turning the Academy Awards into a date night. In fact, they haven’t been on a red carpet together since promoting their 2012 film, The Place Beyond The Pines.

That stuff just doesn’t matter to them. This also marked Gosling’s second Best Actor Oscar nomination and, like last time, he wasn’t expected to win, so it’s disingenuous for the magazine to call it “the biggest night of his career.” As for all the contentions surrounding his longtime colleague, Gossip Cop has already busted stories wrongly claiming Mendes is jealous of Gosling and Stone’s friendship.

This is just the continuation of a false narrative created by the gossip media, with a “split” being the made-up saga’s latest untrue twist. But Gosling and Mendes remain very much together, Gossip Cop exclusively confirms.