Ryan Gosling Saves Relationship With Eva Mendes After Her Jealousy Of Emma Stone And Claire Foy?

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Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes Emma Stone Claire Foy

By Andrew Shuster |

Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes Emma Stone Claire Foy

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A tabloid claims Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were headed for a split over her jealous of his recent co-stars Emma Stone and Claire Foy, but the actor managed to save their relationship. Nothing about the story is remotely true. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

According to Star, Gosling and Mendes recently salvaged their romance after hitting a supposed rough patch. An alleged insider tells the magazine that the two were on the verge of breaking up last year because Mendes was “crazy jealous” of Gosling’s First Man co-star Foy. The “source” also maintains that Mendes has long been jealous of Stone, who’s co-starred with Gosling in three movies, including 2016’s La La Land.

“They realized they need to talk it out and not let things fester,” adds the seemingly phony tipster. “And penciling in lots of private time has put the spark – and passion – back into their relationship.” The so-called “insider” concludes, “Ryan and Eva know they’ve got something special, and they want to nurture and keep it.”

Star’s article is completely disingenuous and was designed to save face after the magazine spread the same false rumors it’s now brushing to the side. This past February, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for publishing a cover story claiming Gosling and Mendes were calling it quits on their relationship, with the breaking point being the actor’s friendship Foy. Back in 2017, the unreliable tabloid published a very similar story about Gosling and Mendes splitting over his friendship with Stone.

Gossip Cop debunked both false narratives as soon as they emerged, and as time has proven, the couple of eight years is still going strong. This was evident earlier this month when Gosling and Mendes were spotted laughing together during a sushi date in Los Angeles. In fact, the tabloid uses the couple’s date night as an example of how they’ve “fixed” their relationship. It was never broken.

Here’s what’s really happening: Star is backpedaling after wrongly reporting for years that Gosling and Mendes would split. That hasn’t happened, but instead of acknowledging its error, the magazine is insisting the two “saved” their relationship. It’s a cheap tactic often employed by the gossip media to avoid looking foolish, but Gossip Cop isn’t fooled by the deceitful strategy.

In July, Gossip Cop busted Star’s sister publication, Life & Style, for pulling a similar maneuver by claiming Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban “saved” their marriage after overcoming their alleged problems. Those problems only existed in the pages of the magazine. Last year, the same outlet insisted Julia Roberts had “saved her marriage” to Danny Moder. Once again, it was only the tabloid’s poor reporting that needed saving.


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