Ryan Gosling Dumped Eva Mendes?

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Ryan Gosling Dumped eva Mendes

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Ryan Gosling Dumped eva Mendes

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Ryan Gosling dumped Eva Mendes, according to a completely wrong and provably false report. Gossip Cop can bust this 100 percent inaccurate claim, which comes from the tabloids. The couple is still happily together.

The National Enquirer asserts in its new edition, “Hunky Ryan Gosling has dumped baby mama Eva Mendes.” The supermarket tabloids alleges “they’ve been on the rocks for months over sexy Latina Eva’s jealous streak and reclusive behavior.” Consequently, Gosling has “all but moved out of the Los Angeles home they share,” leaving Mendes with their two daughters, maintains the gossip magazine. A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Ryan hasn’t been around in weeks, and the word is he’s called it quits.”

“He adores Eva and they’ve tried everything to make the relationship work, but at the end of the day there are way too many arguments. They’ve been leading separate lives for months,” contends the supposed source. Unsurprisingly, the outlet goes on to regurgitate its already debunked claims about Mendes being angry over Gosling’s working relationship with Emma Stone. “It’s no secret Ryan and Emma are extremely close, and Eva was totally threatened by their red-hot chemistry,” alleges the publication’s purported tipster.

The “source” continues, “Now Emma’s openly admitting she’s single, and people are wondering if that’s the reason Ryan’s distancing himself from Eva.” But Gosling is NOT “distancing himself” from Mendes. On the contrary, just days before this article was published, he brought her to the after-party following his gig hosting the season premiere of “SNL.” The paparazzi even caught them holding hands. And he and the actress took their daughters to New York with them to make it a family trip.

Gosling has in no way dumped Mendes, but readers should most certainly dump this story, much like others Gossip Cop has exposed. For instance, back in January, we called out the tabloid when it made up a story about Gosling and Mendes being in a “baby battle.” Notably, that claim isn’t mentioned in this new tall tale.