A story saying Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are "back on track after a rough year" is fake news from the same tabloid that falsely claimed they split months ago. Gossip Cop can expose this blatant flip-flop.

In March, Star ran a cover story wrongly announcing, "Eva & Ryan Split!" The article alleged the couple had a "blow-out fight" before the Oscars, and speculated Mendes may have "already spoken to a lawyer" about custody of their kids. Gossip Cop exclusively confirmed, however, that she and Gosling were 100 percent still together. Then in June, a follow-up article from the gossip magazine ridiculously claimed Mendes was jealous of Gosling's female co-stars from Blade Runner 2049, further causing marital strain. Gossip Cop busted that, too.

And now that time has proven our reporting to be correct, the outlet is trying to backpedal and do damage control. But rather than admit its previous tales were erroneous, the publication is trying to cover up its past lies by offering more misinformation. "Ryan & Eva On The Mendes," reads the punny headline of the tabloid's latest story, in which it's asserted "sources confirm the couple is back on track." No. They were never off track in the first place.

"It's no secret that they came very close to splitting," claims one so-called "source." No. They were never close to splitting. That is a lie Star put on its cover to sell magazine copies. And the tabloid is only running this "on the mend" article now because Gosling and Mendes recently stepped out for a date at Disneyland. Since that made it clear the couple had not split, the outlet had to come up with an explanation to cover its prior breakup claims.

The publication's purported snitch asserts the pair simply "realized they needed to make time for each other if they are going to make this work." No. Gosling and Mendes did not realize anything. That's always been an important belief throughout their relationship. Rather, the tabloid realized it couldn't continue its false narrative, and so it's changing gears. It's fake news on top of take news, and it's pathetic.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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