Russell Wilson “Cried” After Sex With Ciara NOT True, Despite Report

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Russell Wilson Cried Sex Ciara

By Michael Lewittes |


Russell Wilson did not cry after having sex with Ciara for the first time following their wedding, despite one of the most outrageously fabricated stories from a site known for lying. Gossip Cop can bust this absurdly concocted report. We’re told the claim is “ridiculous.”

According to the repeatedly discredited HollywoodLife, Wilson “cried” after he and his new wife consummated their marriage on Wednesday. While the webloid doesn’t mention Pinocchio by name, the site simply claims its “source” says, “Russ was so emotional after the experience that he wept.” After noting, as widely reported, that Ciara and Wilson remained celibate during their relationship which began in 2015, the site alleges the Seattle Seahawks quarterback was “so moved by the deep connection they had in bed that he actually cried.”

The disreputable outlet then boasts, “We have all the details, right here.” From whom? Ciara? Wilson? Or their bedsheets? After calling their first night as husband and wife “sweet and romantic,” HollywoodLies’ seemingly made-up “source” adds their “non-stop” sex has been “off the charts.” The same fabricated insider offers how their conjugal relations post-wedding were like “an explosion bigger than any firework[s] show on July 4th.” Wilson “cried” because their lovemaking was physically, mentally, and emotionally “deep,” further contends the webloid’s so-called “source,” who claims the football star felt as if he “entered the gates of heaven.”

Of course, this is not the first time Wilson has ever had sex. He was married before. The webloid neglects to mention his past marriage or whether lovemaking with his ex-wife also drove him to tears.

Let’s just be clear here that HollywoodLife has consistently been caught and called out for making up stories. And this one may be among its most blatant fabrications. No one in Wilson’s circle was told he “cried” and then decided, out of all the other sites out there, to relate that (fake) information to HollywoodLies. It never happened. Once again, Gossip Cop will pay for a polygraph test, and if the writer of the story (or its supposed “source”) passes it, we will donate $1,000 to the site’s charity of choice.

Still, as embarrassing as it was, Gossip Cop asked a source close to the couple whether there was any validity to the site’s latest tall tale. Our impeccable insider exclusively tells us the webloid’s story is “the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, maybe ever.”

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Russell Wilson cried after having sex with Ciara.


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