Russell Simmons Slams Bernie Sanders Over “Insensitivity” To Black Voters (EXCLUSIVE)

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Russell Simmons Slams Bernie Sanders

By Andrew Shuster |

Russell Simmons slammed Bernie Sanders on Friday, backing off from his one-time endorsement of the Democratic presidential candidate. The hip-hop mogul explained that after having a personal conversation with Sanders, he’s come to believe the politician is insensitive to black voters, and blowing out of proportion his ability to help poor people.

Simmons exclusively tells Gossip Cop that there were many factors leading to his decision to pull his support from Sanders, “but the thing that drove me over the top was his insensitivity toward and inability to relate to the African American voters.” The mogul added, “Also, when I reminded him that the most dangerous lobby in America was the factory farming industry, and that it’s quickly making the planet uninhabitable for humans while poisoning its inhabitants, he brushed it off.” Simmons concluded, “What good is it if you don’t take lobbyist money, but you appease the people who are not educated on how they are being exploited?”

Simmons earlier tweeted, “After speaking to Bernie Sanders, I have decided that he is over stating what he can deliver to underserved communities.” He added, “I have decided to go with my long time friend who has been nothing but honest and supportive of the progressive agenda that I care about… Today I announce my full support for the next president of the United States, Hillary Clinton.” The businessman added the hashtag, “#ImWithHer.”

During an interview with the Huffington Post in January, Simmons endorsed Sanders for president, offering that if the Vermont senator were to compete against Trump in the upcoming election, “[He] would beat [Trump], and that would be great.” Simmons went on to note that if Sanders did, in fact, win the presidency, “We wouldn’t have to overturn things like the little gun thing that Obama did or we wouldn’t have to backtrack on some of the progressive ideas that we’re implementing, like health care.”


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