Russell Crowe Slams “BS” Terri Irwin Story

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Russell Crowe Slams Tabloid Terri Irwin

By Holly Nicol |

Russell Crowe Slams Tabloid Terri Irwin

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Russell Crowe is slamming an Australian tabloid for publishing yet another “BS” story linking him romantically to Terri Irwin. The actor took to Twitter on Thursday to blast the manufactured report.

The untrue claims come from repeat offender Woman’s Day, which blares in a misleading headline, “Terri & Russell At Breaking Point: Secrets, Lies And Betrayal!” According to the magazine, a “heartbroken” Irwin has been hoping to go public with the alleged relationship “for months,” but Crowe is purportedly struggling to commit to their romance. After reading the ridiculous cover story, Crowe immediately took to Twitter to set the record straight. He wrote, “Um… wtf… am I living in a parallel universe? Why keep doing this @WomansDayAus?” He continued, “@TerriIrwin & I have publicly called your bs. R u ok?”

Sadly, this is not the first time Gossip Cop has corrected an inaccurate report about the longtime friends. The original rumor began in 2016 when RadarOnline falsely alleged Crowe and Irwin were dating. Later that year, HollywoodLife wrongly claimed Crowe and Irwin were “secretly” dating and planning their wedding. In both instances, Gossip Cop was the first outlet to shoot down the untrue articles, having checked in with both Irwin and Crowe sources. At a certain point, after the false allegations began to take on a life of their own, Crowe tweeted, “I have such a dramatic life in bs magazines.”

Of course, Gossip Cop is not remotely surprised by the Australian magazine’s latest piece of fiction. In June, we corrected the same publication for falsely alleging Crowe was dating 22-year-old Sophia Forrest, who stars on the Australian TV show “Love Child.” Again, Crowe felt compelled to debunk the manufactured story himself. He tweeted, “Dear @WomansDayAus can you not stuff your s**t filled pages with deliberate lies about relationships I’ve never been in? Thanks in advance.” Apparently, the tabloid can’t help itself.

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Russell Crowe is linked romantically to Terri Irwin.

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