Russell Crowe NOT Dating Sophia Forrest, Despite Report

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Russell Crowe Dating Sophia Forrest

By Michael Lewittes |

Russell Crowe Dating Sophia Forrest

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Russell Crowe is not dating 22-year-old Sophia Forrest, who stars on the Australian TV show “Love Child,” despite a new tabloid report that was widely picked up without any fact-checking. The actor himself has shot down the fake news story that’s ties him to the daughter of a mining billionaire. Crowe has called the story “lies.”

In an article published on Monday by the Australian magazine Woman’s Day, it’s alleged Crowe “has finally found true love” after splitting from Danielle Spencer several years ago. The tabloid foolishly boasts it can “exclusively reveal” the Oscar-winning has been “quietly dating” Forrest for the past three three months. The outlet even claims its sources maintain Crowe and Forrest have become “serious,” and he’s already “introduced the actress 
to his two young sons.”

According to the publication, even though at 53-years-old Crowe is just a little younger than Forrest’s dad Andrew, the billionaire industrialist “hasn’t stood in the way of their love affair.” The magazine even has the gall to claim a Crowe pal says, “He’s completely smitten” with Forrest. “She has a wonderful exuberance and is a lot of fun, but 
she’s also really down-to-earth and 
has a direction in life, which he likes,” explains the outlet’s either ill-informed or possibly made-up source.

The “love affair” is not just one-sided, continues the tabloid, as it buries itself deeper. Its supposed source adds, “She’s just as crazy about Russell as he 
is about her. She adores him.” In addition to not needing Crowe’s cash, since her father’s one of the richest people in Australia, the magazine’s so-called “insider” alleges the 31-year gap between Forrest and the actor is no big deal because “she’s old for her age.”

And while it’s true the two know each other, because they appeared together in the movie The Water Diviner, they are 100 percent not dating. Perhaps the fake news story grew out of Forrest attending the Australian premiere of his film The Mummy. In any event, Crowe took to Twitter to slam the tabloid. He wrote, “Dear @WomansDayAus can you not stuff your s**t filled pages with deliberate lies about relationships I’ve never been in? Thanks in advance.”

Referencing how Rebel Wilson recently beat Woman’s Day in her defamation case against the publication, Crowe continued in a second message, “Don’t make me go all @RebelWilson on your ass @WomansDayAus.” Actually, following her victory in court, Crowe tweeted at Wilson, “Hey @RebelWilson, so brave, so much integrity… Back to Hollywood and be your brilliant self. Proud of you.”