Russell Crowe Ambushed Ryan Gosling With Big Dinner Party (VIDEO) 

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Russell Crowe Ellen DeGeneres Ryan Gosling

By Andrew Shuster |

Russell Crowe Ellen DeGeneres Ryan Gosling


Russell Crowe appeared on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” during which he explained how the first time he met Ryan Gosling, he inadvertently ambushed the actor with a giant, unexpected dinner party. Watch the funny video below!

Crowe and Gosling co-star together in the upcoming buddy action-comedy The Nice Guys, but they didn’t know each other beforehand. “I watched like three of his movies in a row at one point… And I thought, ‘This kid’s really spectacular,'” Crowe said of discovering Gosling a few years back. “So, I wanted to reach out to say hello and talk to him about a particular project.” Crowe went on to note he invited Gosling to get together for “a quiet little intimate dinner” with Crowe’s then-wife Danielle Spencer, and Gosling’s girlfriend Eva Mendes.

But Crowe then explained how on the day of the dinner, his wife “invited 12 of her girlfriends… plus her mother.” The actor continued, “I thought, ‘Well I can’t have him walk into the room with his girlfriend and there’s like 16 women, so I rebalanced it and started inviting blokes.” Crowe revealed he invited his celebrity friends including RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, actor Eli Roth and more.

“Ryan walks in the room expecting this intimate dinner party and there’s 30 people,” Crowe added. “And I didn’t explain to him why until a couple of years later when we actually started working together. I just said, ‘Look mate, you gotta go along with the wife.'” Watch a highlight from Crowe’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” interview below!


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