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Ruby Rose's departure from Batwoman came as a shock to most. The sudden nature of the announcement, combined with Rose's reputation and the supposedly solid CW contracts, set fans and critics alike to speculating. Although Rose said it was her decision, one magazine reports that it wasn't her call in the end.

The "Real" Reason There's A New Batwoman

With a bold headline of "The Real Reason Ruby Left Batwoman," In Touch says that Rose didn't choose to leave the show after all. Instead, according to the magazine's unnamed source, she was "pushed out" of the CW drama. "People were complaining about her, saying having her on set was like having a ticking time bomb in the middle of the room," the anonymous snitch says.

The source also argues that Rose was a pro at hiding her supposedly unbearable behavior from any guests. "Anytime there was someone on the show from another CW show, she'd be so nice to them," they say. "The cast and crew would be like, 'Who is this person?'"

We're not exactly shocked by this story, but that's not because of the claims themselves. Ruby Rose is an incredibly polarizing actor, and there's an incredibly pervasive rumor that she's some kind of jerk. It's a narrative that seems to have followed even from her days on Orange Is the New Black. Heck, Gossip Cop even had to step in and bust a rumor that she was fighting with Rebel Wilson on the set of Pitch Perfect 3.

Why Would Ruby Rose Leave Batwoman?

It's important to note that of the rumors and gossip about Rose we've investigated, pretty much all of them start and end with a completely unidentifiable source making some assertion that Rose was rude in some vague way. Instead of relying on the sketchiest of "sources," let's look at the reasons Rose could have left Batwoman.

For one, there's the fact that Ruby Rose was nearly paralyzed on the set of the show. She suffered two herniated discs, which could have severed her spine and left her unable to walk. "I did a stunt for a very extended amount of time — like seven hours — and we thought I broke a rib or just fractured a rib, and that was 6-12 weeks of healing," Rose explained. After "6-12 weeks of chronic pain," she managed to see a doctor for an MRI and learned that she needed emergency surgery. Even worse than that, she ended up paying out of pocket for the whole ordeal.

That isn't the only problem with the show's long hours and production process. There's also the fact that Rose was allergic to adhesive used to keep the Batwoman cowl on, resulting in her breaking out in hives for hours at a time until the costume was fixed. The idea of being covered in hives while shooting the same scene for hours with possibly broken ribs and definitely herniated discs sounds absolutely miserable.

Plus, CW shows are reportedly intense to shoot, giving cast and crew very little free time or energy in the months of work. Other stars that have left CW shows haven't exactly heaped praise on the network. Stephen Amell, who led Arrow for years, has been a vocal critic of the hours, labor, and story directions of his comic book show. He's even said that he's completely done with CW's superhero universe and doesn't expect to ever return.

Who Wouldn't Hang Up The Cowl?

It isn't a tough call to make. What's more likely — Ruby Rose being such a jerk on set that executives fired her but still covered it up to protect her, or Rose walking away after a season's worth of avoidable injuries and zero free time? While it is somewhat funny to see that this tabloid thinks that all it takes to get a massively popular star out of a project is a bit of rudeness, show business just doesn't work like that. Instead, Rose's decision started and ended with her. Walking away from a show that nearly left you unable to walk in the first place sounds more than reasonable to us.

Our Verdict

No one can really say what went on behind the scenes of Batwoman, but there's a lot more evidence pointing to Ruby Rose's departure being her decision.


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