Ruby Rose “Health Crisis” Claim NOT True

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Ruby Rose Health Crisis

By Shari Weiss |

Ruby Rose Health Crisis

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Is Ruby Rose in a “health crisis”? A report claims the actress’ skinny frame is worrying friends. Gossip Cop investigated, and we can now separate fact from fiction.

Using “Orange As The New Black,” on which Rose had a role, as a pun, Star contends in its current edition that now “dieting is the new black” for her. After she showed off a “frail frame and sallow, spotty skin” at the Pitch Perfect 3 premiere earlier this month, the tabloid alleges “her inner circle is concerned.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Ruby is obsessed with being as thin as possible.”

“She works out at least two hours a day and just nibbles on fruits and nuts to stave off hunger pains,” claims this supposed source. The outlet’s alleged tipster further purports, “Her skin is a mess too. She says there’s no cause for alarm but her rail-thin body and her face say otherwise!” Of course, one’s external appearance isn’t always an accurate reflection of their internal health. Rose can be very thin, as a number of stars are, and not be in a “crisis.”

And if any of Rose’s friends were truly worried about her well-being, they would not be discussing such private matters with a gossip magazine. In fact, a rep for the Australian star exclusively tells Gossip Cop it is “so not true” that her “inner circle” is “‘concerned.” The publication is essentially just body-shaming her, as have others in recent weeks.

That led Rose to slam critical reports about her weight and acne on social media. “This is the problem with believing tabloids or any news without research,” she complained. She even explained how a spinal curvature from a car accident affects the shape of her frame.

Earlier this year, Gossip Cop shut down another untrue tabloid story about the Aussie native, after Star sister publication OK! claimed Rose was in a feud with Pitch Perfect co-star Rebel Wilson. The outlet maintained Rose was unamused by the comedic star, but time has actually proven our debunking right. Just days ago, Rose gushed on Instagram about her “unmistakable crush” on Wilson. To paraphrase, this is the problem with believing tabloids: They too often choose fiction over fact and get it wrong.

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