Ruby Rose Throws French Fries At Bartender, Gets Kicked Out Of New Orleans Restaurant

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Ruby Rose French Fries

By Michael Lewittes |

Ruby Rose French Fries

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Ruby Rose threw French fries at a bartender in New Orleans on Friday, and was then kicked out the restaurant. Rose, who was in the Big Easy to deejay at Metropolitan Nightclub that evening, threw a “tantrum” at Rebellion Bar and Urban Kitchen seemingly because she had to wait for her food. The restaurant’s owner, Seung Hong, who as an apology for the food’s delay offered complimentary drinks and appetizers to the “Orange is the New Black” star, called Rose “awful” and a “horrible person.”

Even though Hong’s restaurant was not taking reservations for Friday night, because there were several large groups booked that evening, the owner of Rebellion recognized Rose and maneuvered to get her party seated 15 minutes after they arrived. He said her table’s appetizers arrived 40 minutes after that, and their entrees were ready 10 minutes later. Apparently, that was a problem for Rose, and after her waiter was unable to reason with her group, Hong was called to intervene.

Rose was “losing her cool,” Hong told, even though he offered to give her table their appetizers for free and buy them a round of drinks, which she declined. He claims Rose next threw food at the bartender, and told him that if she were bigger, “She would kick [Hong’s] ass.” The bartender similarly offered to comp a round of drinks, and supposedly as he walked away, a French fry hit him. When he asked Rose and the group whether there was a problem, Hong says she cursed out the bartender and “picked up a handful of French fries and threw them at him.”

The owner said because she was so “horrible” and “awful,” it was the “first time I’ve ever had to ask someone to leave.” Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for Rose, but has yet to hear back.


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